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Building confidence through Hip Hop dance

Break City is more than just a dance program; it’s a community that empowers people of all ages by helping them develop their confidence through the art of hip hop dance. By learning the foundational techniques of different dance styles, our students gain a sense of pride and accomplishment as they improve their skills and express themselves through movement.

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Break City at Reperezent

Break City at Reperezent

Every year, dance teams from across Quebec gather in Laval for the highly anticipated dance competition RepreZent. This thrilling event showcases the incredible choreography and talent of hundreds of teams, each vying for recognition and the chance to be part of the...

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What people think about Break City

It’s all about the people, the talent, the family environment. Can’t recommend Break City enough.


Break city is a gem in the west island! Chris, Tiffany and the instructors are so encouraging and incredible with the kids! Highly recommend checking the classes out!


Amazing place with amazing people !!🔥🔥

Break City’s energy is contagious. The only place where a City has grown to become truly a tight community ,enthusiastic and hungry for each individual to develop their passion for street dance with Chris & Tiffany Eagleton leading the way.


Very friendly and community oriented.

You guys are amazing! I think we are in for the long haul!

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