Discover the perfect camp for your kids!

We’re Proud to Offer Exceptional Camps Throughout the Year, Providing Your Kids with Dance Fun and Enriching Experiences.

March Break Camp

Give your child a much-needed break from school during March Break. Our camp is the perfect place for them to unwind and have a blast. With a mix of sports, games, arts, and crafts, it’s a break they’ll treasure long after the school bell rings again.

March 4 until March 8 (2024)

Registration opens in February 2024

Summer Camp

Experience the summer highlight at our Summer Camp! With a diverse range of activities, including dance showcases and weekly pizza or BBQ lunches, it’s the ultimate way for your child to make unforgettable summer memories. Stay tuned for summer camp 2024!

june 4 until august 16 (2024)

Registration opens in April 2024

Why join Break City camps?

At Break City, we understand that selecting the right camp for your child is a significant decision. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring that your child’s time with us is more than just fun, it’s an enriching experience that makes a lasting impact.

Our team of experienced and passionate instructors and counselors are here to provide your child with guidance, encouragement, and a safe, supportive environment. They’re committed to ensuring that your child’s camp experience is positive, memorable, and educational.

Our camps are a fantastic opportunity for kids to make new friends and strengthen their social skills. The camaraderie built at camp is a unique and invaluable aspect of our programs, as children bond over shared experiences, laughter, and the thrill of exploration.

Our dance showcases, sports events, and creative projects provide the ideal platform for your child to showcase their skills and talents. Witnessing their progress and the applause from family and peers is a significant confidence booster.

Importance of keeping kids busy

Child Development:

Research shows that keeping kids active and engaged during breaks helps with their cognitive, emotional, and social development. Our camps provide structured opportunities for growth.

Healthy Alternatives:

In a world of screens and gadgets, our camps offer a healthy alternative, fostering a love for physical activity, creativity, and social interactions.

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