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Discover our signature events to see your child perform on stage!

Break City is commited to provide the best original Hip-Hop experience to its students and allow them to express themselves through the art of dance. This is why we implemented two main events during each fall-winter session: Jingle Bell Rock & Year End Show. These two events invite parents and friends to come watch a show to see their children perform on stage.

Jingle Bell Rock

Battling is one of the essential categories in breaking. Essentially, it is based on the concept of two groups facing each other where they take rounds to exchange dance moves. Following, judges will select the winner based on specific criteria, such as style, difficulty of moves, originality, creativity and much more.

Jingle Bell Rock offers students the chance to experience battling in a team environment once during the fall/winter session. Although participating in this event is optional, students are highly encouraged to join this event as it increases the students confidence and teamwork capabilities. Every student and parent/legal guardian will be informed of this events details during the fall session.

Stay tuned for Break City’s JBR in 2024!

Year End Show

Throughout each fall/winter session, students get the chance to apply what their learned in a choreography. Our instructors focus on showing the correct dance form and to accomodate each students capabilities in terms of performing on stage. Students then showcase what they learned infront of their loved ones in an action-packed show! Every student and parent/legal guardian will be informed of the details of this event during the winter session.

Stay tuned for Break City’s Year End Show in 2025!

Other events/battles

Break City prides itself with hosting other events as well, mainly battles for the bboys and bgirls who want to get the chance to compete. These events are open to the public and are located mainly in Montreal, Canada.

All hosted events will be under the “Events” tab in the main menu above.

Check out Break City’s event in collaboration with Breaking Québec:

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Beach Battle 2019 Winners

How The West Was Won 2023 Winner

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