Join us for an unforgettable summer of dance with our 8 week summer session. See schedule & pricing below.

Get ready to move and groove this summer with our 8 week summer session starting the week of July 8th.

Our exciting and engaging classes are open to dancers of all ages, starting as young as 3 years old. Join us for 8 weeks starting July 8th for a sensational dance experience that includes Breaking, Hip Hop and Latin fusion styles. Our experienced instructors guide and inspire dancers of all ages, helping them develop rhythm, coordination and self-expression.

Register now and let the fun begin!

The Schedule

Classes start the week of July 8th.

Experience the high-energy beats of Hip Hop and the exhilarating dynamics of Breaking. Connect with our vibrant dance community and let the music move you. Join us and discover the power of dance to connect and inspire.


All prices are in CAD and are subject to federal and provincial taxes.


(per week)


(for the whole session)

45 mins

115.00 $ + tax

1 hour

150.00 $ + tax

1.5 hours

210.00 $ + tax

2 hours

265.00 $ + tax

2.5 hours

320.00 $ + tax

3 hours

385.00 $ + tax

3.5 hours

445.00 $ + tax

4 hours

495.00 $ + tax

4.5 hours

555.00 $ + tax

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